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The Great Debate: Russian vs. American Swings

I find the fitness industry so ridiculous sometimes it’s comical.

It doesn’t matter where you turn, there is some kind of controversy or drama.  It’s can be more cliquey than high school sometimes, I swear.

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5 Common Mistakes that are Ruining Your Power Cleans

Now, before we get started, I just want to say that you’re already leaps and bounds ahead of 90% of gym-goers due to the simple fact that you even want to dabble with the Olympic lifts.  As you already know, Olympic lifts aren’t for the average Joe, they’re for the strong, athletic type that’s after serious gains.

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How to Improve Your Pull-up Game!

I’ve had the luxury to help hundreds of people over the course of my career.  For those that were committed and took my advice seriously, they made tremendous gains.  That’s right, not everyone that crossed my path transformed their bodies into the perfect picture of health.  That’s OK though, not everyone is willing to do what’s necessary to get the results they want.

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