7 Tips to Become a Better Crossfitter

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Crossfit is hard. Very hard. But it’s the endless challenges that it presents that makes it so appealing (and humbling).  Whether you are a games level athlete or a beginner, there’s always something you can improve upon. Like any other sport, Crossfit requires hard work, commitment and a sensible approach in order to see continual gains and reduce the risk of injuries.

Here are 7 tips to help you become a better Crossfitter:

1. Compete with yourself – Although Crossfit is built on the foundation of a group training environment, it’s important to keep in mind that, ultimately, you should be competing with yourself.  Trying to keep pace with someone who’s fitter than you may not always be in your best interest.  This can result in poor pacing, sloppy form, and possibly injury.  Instead, focus on quality movement and moving with a purpose so you can start to understand your limits.

2. Scale – There’s no shame in scaling. Especially, if it means you will get more intensity out of the workout.  For example, the workout “Elizabeth” is 21/15/9 reps of cleans at 135lbs and ring dips. If your ring dips aren’t very strong, then scaling to pushups will allow you to move through the workout faster and maintain higher intensity overall. Metcons are not the time to work on high skill movements or build strength. Quality movement and intensity are the keys to your success.

3. Embrace the Pain – We all know how much Crossfit hurts.  The ability to embrace the pain and keep working is what separates the good from the elite.  However, don’t be reckless with your training and run yourself into the ground, but just know that pain is an inherent part of the game. The better you get, the more it hurts.

4. Don’t cherry pick – I’m sure you’ve been told this on more than one occasion.  Don’t be that guy who skips class every time there’s thrusters or handstand pushups on the whiteboard.  Crossfit is a sport with many different movements and skills and the only way to get better is to address them all.  Taking time to work on your weaknesses a couple times a week will pay huge dividends in the long run.

5. Do the little things – Everyone wants to lift heavy and get sweaty but that’s only part of the equation. Taking the time work on things like your mobility, getting more sleep, and meal prepping will provide just as much benefit if not more to your overall performance.  The things you do outside of the gym will greatly impact how you do things inside the gym.

6. Be consistent – Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes in this game. I always say doing the little things extremely well, over and over again, is what leads to success. Crossfit is no different. Find a training schedule that works for you and stick to it. There will be good days and bad days but that’s all part of the process.  Time, patience, and consistency in your efforts is what and always will produce the most gains.

7. Enjoy the Process – Don’t forget why you started doing Crossfit in the first place. It wasn’t only an effective way to workout but it was also a lot of fun!  Don’t ever lose your passion and enjoyment for going to the gym to become better physically and mentally. The process is far more important than the outcome.

Good luck, have fun, and continue to challenge yourself.

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